Sunday, February 5, 2012

Like Grains of Sand

My partner and I often walk on the beach in the early evening because the light accentuates every detail in the sand and water. I took this photograph just before sunset a couple of years ago, and I’m posting it now by way of contrast to those that follow in my next entry. *1 Late in the day frothy wave crests have yellow-orange halos because the rays of photon particles splatter through the tiny bubbles and microscopic globes of splashing water. The sand particles are highlighted, each and every one. All the highlighted colors are tilted toward the warm side of the spectrum, and the shadows toward the cool. As I have often heard from others, "God is in the details."

This image hints at the importance of every single detail in the universe. However, the lines and indentations left by the wave’s leave-taking also indicate that those details can be changed in an instant by normal physical properties. It is not God’s intent to wipe away that perfect moment. It is just that the perfect moment is seized upon by one person, and perhaps appreciated by others. So too in our lives - whether good and perfect - would that such were possible - or bad and defective - God does not wipe any one of us away with intent . It is just that we have our moment, perfect or not, and then the universe changes.

For me that fact of life demonstrates how necessary it is to live and love, to make as perfect as is humanly possible every moment I exist because the waves of change will happen despite the fact of my existence and God’s love.*2


*1 The next entry highlights photographs taken in the same location that demonstrate how our carelessness can destroy the perfect moment.

*2 I am not an evangelical Christian. I am just an ordinary Christian who believes in God’s love and the fact of Jesus Christ’s life as testimony to that love. I do not believe that God would consign any man, woman or child to burn in eternal hellfire just because he or she had not accepted Jesus Christ as his or her personal savior. If such were the case what would have happened to all those unborn single cell (persons?) evangelicals are so worried about (just "sayin").


KittKatt said...

Thanks for a beautiful expression of spirituality. I find it hard to relate to people who see God as "unchanging" because change is the essence of the universe as God created it.

Betsy Grant said...

What a thoughtful and beautiful post. Appreciating every moment is key isn't it, as well as realizing this too shall pass away. Meanwhile there is a part of us - I call Soul that remains aware of it all - the divine aspect that we truly are.