Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Day 2011

The illustration is a variation on an artwork created for “Lottoheart, 2009,” Camp Rehoboth, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. That organization begun by Murray Archibald and Steve Elkins 23 years ago is responsible for creating one of the most active LGBT communities in the country, and an extremely friendly and inclusive Rehoboth Beach. Our favorite Northeast beach resort, Rehoboth Beach has the reputation of being the nation’s summer capital. In the spirit of “Camp,” I thought to use it here as a happy Valentine’s Day gift for everyone at Camp Rehoboth, and then to extend that gift to all.

The work itself is one of a group of artworks created by yours truly using digital photography and distressed paint techniques with Adobe Photoshop.* The most recent of these, part of “The Waterworks” series are created primarily with mixed media and distressed paint in actual time and space, though this work is primarily a many layered digital computer artwork that includes photographs of artist-made distressed paint surfaces.

Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone

*I have purposely not linked "distressed paint technique" to any Website because all of these are about a very reductive and commercialized process of distressing furniture surfaces to make them look old.

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Betsy Grant said...

What a lovely expression of love this is!