Saturday, February 5, 2011

Another Picture of Sand Dune, Critter Prints, Sun & Shadow

One warm fall day we went to Cape Henlopen in Delaware to walk on the beach for the last time before the cold of winter could make such a walk uncomfortable. Now, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing – bundled from head to foot in polyester filled winter coat, gloves, scarf, hood, hat, and boots – the beach can be an amazing place. However, we always take advantage of that last warm day so we can walk bare foot in the sand. On that particular late October afternoon, slanting sun fell over the dunes highlighting critter and people-tracks. I stopped to shoot the dunes because the light was amazing as it reflected off the fence, created deep shadows in depressions, and highlighted each grain of sand. As an artist, I am reminded that every thing in the above image is important and contributes to the whole, but only through light-play in that moment, the presence of conscious thought and the camera in hand. Additionally all of that provides a metaphor, a diagram for the interaction of each of us with others, mankind as a whole and the nations, God being the play of light without which none of it is important, or noticeable.

The Best Thing...

I've always liked this guy, even when he pretended to be straight.

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Betsy Grant said...

I so appreciate your deeply thoughtful comments about what you are seeing as you walk on the beach. We are all sparks of the Light of God, and have the capacity to view each other as such.