Thursday, February 24, 2011

Intracoastal Sunset

Puffy cumulus in blue-violet, mauve, glowing gold and pale peachy yellow change during forty minutes to deepest salmon and gold, fading through dusty orange until finally the sky settles into that slightly electric blue-black as stars appear one by one, and the city lights begin to create a silvery glow in the humid air to our south.

My partner and I often take a plastic cup of wine down to water’s edge to watch that daily extravaganza. I am thankful that we are almost always by ourselves, though I don’t know why more people don’t take advantage of nature’s diurnal production. Of course I tend to forget that I hardly ever watched the sunset or sunrise except for brief glances through the 3rd floor studio windows during all those years as a working artist/teacher. Such a shame that we, and our society work so hard that we don’t have time for such things until we are put out to pasture – thank God for retirement, time to breath, and time to make Art!!!


Blake Roadpipes said...

Lovely photo.

Betsy Grant said...

Wow. Breathtaking! You ARE very fortunate to be able to enjoy your retirement and your art - and it's good also that you share it!