Sunday, September 26, 2010

“The Write Wing Nut” Addition to the Links Bar

We interrupt this Art Blog for politics one more time.

Though I have removed the heavy liberal political entries from this journal about Art in general, my art, and LGBT art, I can’t help but add a new link to the Links section to the right (pun intended). I found this “Blog” while reading bizarre Wing-nuts on line in order to be familiar with the most recent nutty stuff ready to boil over into the mainstream. This guy is actually interesting, because there is a kind of honesty behind all his craziness. I wonder if he isn’t the “Crazy” all the Republican pundits in the FOX mainstream (Beck et al) are consulting about method to madness.

I do fear the crazies will win the November elections. That will mean repeal of healthcare, doing away with and/or minimizing social security and medicare. What's the matter with all the retired people in this country? Don't they get it?

That’s it! I promise - no more directly politicized entries.

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