Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Drill Baby Drill: The BP Oil Spill, and the curse of the living dead

We interrupt this blog to bring you a frightening message.

After destroying the Gulf Coast habitat in Alabama and Louisiana, the Gulf oil spill may well follow the Gulf Stream and track all the way around Florida, damaging 1800 miles of the Florida coastal ecosystem, then continue on up the east coast threatening the seaboard states, maritime Canada, cross the

Atlantic and impact Iceland, as well as northern Europe and England.

And, NO, the spill is not an act of God! It is an act of man, and let’s hope man can stop it soon!

I went to our beach this morning and stood with my feet in the clear, clean Atlantic water and looked out to the Gulf Stream 3 miles off shore, and thought the following. “I leave tomorrow. I wonder - when I return to this beach in July - will I stand here surrounded by the stench of oil, dead and putrefying fish and birds, my feet buried in oil tar?”

According to the Bible God gave man dominion over the earth. If that is so – which I doubt - God can just as well take that dominion away. *

I’m horrified and angry! Anyone who isn’t is a fool!

*As I’ve said before, I don’t pretend to know what God wants, so this statement is purely hypothetical.

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Betsy Grant said...

The irresponsible behaviour of man is just one of the many reasons why we need people who are intent upon capturing and preserving the beauty of nature in whatever way they can - ie - artists - people who are not intent upon exploiting earth's resources but rather - treasure the gift of earth's beauty.