Sunday, September 23, 2007

More Rocks From Acoma Pueblo

I’ve fallen behind on processing photographs, and I know that might seem odd to those not familiar with digital photography.

"What’s to do? There’s no film, no enlarger, no filters, no chemical baths to deal with."

True, there’s non of that physical manipulation. However, once in the computer, I run all the photographs through Adobe Photoshop to make sure I’ve got the best exposure and color possible. I often zero in on 3 or 4 small sections of the photograph to make sure that there is detail in the darkest and lightest parts of the image. If the horizon is not straight, I tilt the photograph by degrees until it is so, and then clean up all the newly made crooked borders. I might spend an hour to get a few photographs to the point where I'm comfortable with them.

So, instead of describing our trip, I’ve written a small diatribe about working with digital photography.

Last night I worked with more of the images from our rainy day at Acoma Pueblo. The new images show some of the odd rock formations in the valley surrounding Sky City, and I just had to add them to the journal about our trip. I will play catch-up tomorrow with images of our journey up to Sandia Crest, and the Albuquerque Art and History Museum, as well as the trip across the high and low desert from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Tucson, Arizona - happening as I write. Joe is driving.

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