Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Day 5- Albuquerque to Taos

I took over 100 photographs yesterday and I must sort through them before I can use them in this journal. So, for now a brief summary of our travels with a very few photographs will have to do.

1. Drove to Santa Fe, but stopped on the way to take photographs of huge cumulo-nimbus cloud formations.
2. Arrived in Santa Fe and drove directly to the Plaza.

3. Went through Saint Francis of Assisi Cathedral
4. Purchased to black owl pieces of pottery from a fascinating Indian named Mountain Cloud, a member of the San Ildefonso Pueblo.
5. Drove on to Taos and our bed and breakfast, the Adobe and Stars.
6. Had a marvelous Northern New Mexico style dinner at an out of the way and eccentrically decorated Restaurant called Orlando’s - the best Chile Relleno ever!

Today we will go to Taos Pueblo, downtown Taos, and a bridge over The Rift, a canyon much like the one we call Grand, but smaller.

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