Saturday, November 7, 2015

The New Art Card Is "Create!"

Side 2

I spent roughly three hours today on the second side of “Create.” I had been referring to the two sides of the card as front and back, but now I realize there is no front and back, that the sides are interchangeable. The compositions are different though made up of many of the same elements. On one side I listed synonyms, while on the other I wrote varied definitions, quotes, and comments about the creative process. However, both read as variations on the same theme. The paint strokes and splotches cover some of the words and phrases and placement of these over the words was accidental. So, the word “God” was painted over in the phrase, “God created the heavens and earth,” as is most of the rest of that phrase.

Side 1

Though we create in innumerable ways, as in the arts, humanities, sciences, and all applied fields, I chose to incorporate shapes symbolic of the arts, specifically visual and musical, since these are the areas in which I attempt to make new objects. Now that the mechanicals are complete they will be sent to the printer after which there will be four art cards to be sent out into the world, peace, love, joy and create.

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