Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ocean Waves

Life has conspired to keep me from the beach and those waves this spring, but I’ve made up my mind to be there at least 2 times during the end of May. I want more photos of breaking waves, especially here in south Florida on bright sunny days. The explosive quality of the waves is a natural expression of joyful color and energy. I will never have enough images of waves to look at and enjoy. It is time to create another oversized pastel or acrylic painting of waves.

In this particular photo taken two years ago the pale aqua tints in the curved form of the breaking wave are particularly wonderful. The expression of energy in all those tightly packed puckers in the mixture of tan/gray beach sand and water is different to that which I’ve been used to on the north Atlantic shore in New England, New Jersey and Delaware. I’m sure it has something to do with the stronger slope of the beach here in south Florida as opposed to the more gradual slope up north, and the quality of the sand itself. The natural fine white sand of the beaches has been replaced here by heavier coarse sand dug up from beneath the ocean during beach replenishment. I know that the original sand was white and fine because the few surviving dunes – those not buried under tons of masonry concrete, and manicured gardens – is purest sparkling white between the mounds of palmettos growing there.

At the top of the photo the darker richer aqua of the incoming wave expresses something about the complexities of color, the depth of the water, and the currents beneath as they slide past the beach.

On a bright sunny spring or summer day when a light to mild off the ocean wind blows in south Florida the energy in the waves is joyfully exuberant.

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