Thursday, August 29, 2013

Leonardo DiCaprio as "Gatsby:" Part V

Another in a series of blog entries in which I discuss the process I am using to create an oversized portrait.

On August 14, 2013 I said, “the completed over-sized portrait will of necessity differ from the small Adobe Photoshop sketch I displayed in the August 5th blog entry. In order to demonstrate that variation from sketch to painting I will compare the first two completed panels to the first two squares of the sketch in a future blog entry.”

Today I am presenting that comparison, and I list some of the differences I see below.
1. The obvious difference is the painterly quality with very visible brushwork versus the fuzzy quality of the Photoshop sketch.
2. I also notice immediately that despite using the grid, my drawing is more angular than is the Photoshop sketch.
3. I have used much more blue in the painting than is in the Photoshop sketch.
4. The eye is slightly larger in my painting than it is in the sketch.
5. There are lines drawn with the brush at the edges of some of the shapes in the painting. An example is the line around the left edge of the iris.
6. I must do some work on the nostril in the painting.
7. There are fewer dull colors in the painting which tends to make it have a flatter appearance than does the Photoshop sketch
I am sure that the viewer will find many other differences. I would not mind seeing some of those observations here.

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Betsy Grant said...

Just stopping by to appreciate your work. Hope you're having a great week!