Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Leonardo DiCaprio As Gatsby: Part III

Another in a series of blog entries in which I discuss the process I am using to create an over-sized portrait

The first panel of six is almost finished.

The 5 and foot by 7 & 1/2 foot painting must be transported almost 150 miles, so I have chosen to break it down into 6, 30-inch squares. The 6 sections will be assembled at the installation site at Characters Gastropub in Lancaster, PA.

Panel #1,a of “Gatsby” is almost finished. This panel is the easiest of the six to work on because the colors in the other panels will have to match this one, and the edges of each must align perfectly in order for the six panels to come together as one. I am mixing large batches of the major colors and bottling them so that I will not always have to remix colors, though I will have to make and blend color on the spot when creating transitional sequences. In order to see how to do the final strokes of paint in the first panel I need to start the second because each completed panel will affect the way I see all the others. In other words the completed over-sized portrait will of necessity differ from the small Adobe Photoshop sketch I displayed in the August 5th blog entry. In order to demonstrate that variation from sketch to painting I will compare the first two completed panels to the first two squares of the sketch in a future blog entry.

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Betsy Grant said...

Glad to see you're staying creative!