Friday, August 24, 2012

Mixed Media Distressed Paint

Dictionary Series: Steps 3,4,5 & 6

Every time I “Google” mixed media distressed paint I find pages of URL’s about distressed furniture, and distressed paint surfaces. In many of these Websites, there is talk of "the look of age," and - I also wish to hint at the passage of time, and history - though I have no need to include walls or furniture in my work except through the ironic use of photographic images (perhaps). I have seen other artwork that looks something like these, though I’m quite sure those other artworks aren’t as many layered as are mine. However, evidence hints that there is no such technique as Mixed Media Distressed Paint, and that must say something about the creative thought process. At the very least I am the only artist who has thought to name his/her technique.

I won’t explain exactly how the layering process works and cast that information into the vacuity of the Ethernet. Suffice it to say that I work back and forth between the virtual digital world of imagery, and the actual physical world of real images, paper, glue, acrylic and tempera paint. Though there is much irony, even intent to inflict pain and / or frustration, there seems to be very little subversive intent in Twenty-first Century Art. Still, I insist on having some secrets.

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Betsy Grant said...

I love it, and appreciate the patience and care involved in the process of making this.