Thursday, May 10, 2012


South Florida, May 10, 2012

So, here I am on the beach with camera and iPod just before sunrise. In the earphones I am listening to Giulio CacciniAve Maria.* In the southern sky a thunderhead makes dull flashes in its hoary depths. Just north of east, the clouds are fringed with silver and gold. First, I pan slowly from south to north and back again making video. Then I work with the camera which is mounted on the tripod so I can immobilize it. I set the camera for delayed shutter using f 25 at ISO 100, causing a slow shutter speed that blurs the surf but makes the clouds crystal clear. Second by second as I shoot more frames, the glow brightens as rays strike out across the sky. The sun’s rim rises above the cloud’s edge. Ocean and sky are filled with brilliant light. The clouds are lost in the glow. The iPod and camera moment is over, so I sit down now, relaxed and enveloped in my own glow. The beach is my church. 

*I listened to as many recordings of the Caccini Ave Maria on You Tube as I could, this one was actually one of the best though least played. So much for the discriminating Web public.

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