Saturday, May 5, 2012

"Out Clean Safe Wat" - Small Distressed Works

"Out Clean Safe Wat," Mixed Media Distressed Painting (8" x 8") July 12, 2011

These works are conflicted.  By that I mean that the accidental quality of the distressed painting technique conflicts with the compulsive need for order demonstrated in the crisp clean straight lines and the gridded presentation of interrupted text.  At the same time, the conflict works for me because all “The Waterworks,” are about the perfection in the natural order of our world, and the destructive process that man is imposing on it.

This is one of many small 8” by 8” mixed media distressed artworks produced in the past 2 years.  The small size enables me to get them out the door at a reasonable price ($125.00) including the sixty-five dollars spent on the framing.  They are part of the larger body of work that includes pastels, mixed media distressed paintings, and digital photo montages, “The Waterworks.”

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