Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Four things that prompted the making of "Ocean."

1. In the past I’ve expressed my concern with the mess south Florida beach enthusiasts make of our beaches.
2. The “2010 BP Gulf Oil Spill” caused me to realize that our profligacy and dependency on oil products, whether in liquid form or solid (as in throw-away plastics) threatens the health of our oceans and all creatures living in or near them.
3. I like to play. Ocean provided the opportunity to play with my new iPod Touch.
4. All my artwork - pastels, mixed media distressed paintings, and digital photographic montages - is about salt and fresh water marshes, rivers, seas and oceans. I’ve even given the oeuvre a name, “The Waterworks.”

Ocean is the third video using iMovie and my new iPod. I’m not ecstatically happy with it for several reasons. First, I neglected to make sure the iPod was completely in focus while shooting the beach scenes. Second, now that I’ve watched the finished video, I know that the second beach scene is too long. Third, You Tube informs me that I’m in danger of infringing copyright law with the music track to this video despite the fact that it is not for profit, and I do have the approval for use of “Aria” from the Goldberg Variations by the performer, Konstantin Lifschitz. I followed You Tubes directions and entered all the information I had about “Aria” into the Universal Publishing Group search engine. The result was “No record found.” Finally, I could have used more of my still photos and other artworks mixed with the motion scenes. Never the less, we learn by doing, and this little video is part of a journey toward the unobtainable goal of perfection. Each video experience will bring about improvements.

Removed Video 03/17/12

I have not heard from the owner of the copyright to the Konstantin Lifschitz recording, which is tantamount to saying - "You may not use this recording." I will replace the sound track with coppyright free music and then put the video back on You Tube.

Replaced the Lifshitz recording 03/18/12

I removed the old Ocean from You Tube and replaced it with a new video (the same visually) with an ambient copyright free recording of the Prelude from Bach's Partita #3 in E Major by Gordon Rowland. I found a wonderful Website that has as its main purpose to make all kinds of unencumbered music available to people everywhere.

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