Friday, March 23, 2012

Butterfly World

Paper Kite Butterfly from my morgue

Ronald Boender, founder and Managing Partner of Butterfly World in Coconut Creek has turned a hobby into one of the most phenomenal places to visit in south Florida. The Butterfly House, a tropical rain forest complete with waterfalls, ponds, cave and orchids is one of the most ethereal environments I’ve ever been in. Thousands of butterflies, all shapes, sizes and colors fly through the forest. I’ve been to the butterfly house three times, and it is still all I can do to focus on shooting photographs because I just want to sit on a bench and soak in the peace those ethereal creatures generate as they flit from one leaf, flower or branch to another. However, in addition to the butterfly house there are several aviaries with tropical birds of all kinds – humming birds, lorikeets, myna birds, and macaws – as well as an orchid house, rose garden, and Koi pond.

The photos I’ve taken at Butterfly World have given me a plethora of morgue photos of all these wonderful creatures to use in my pastel paintings, mixed media distressed paintings and digital montages. We take visiting friends to Butterfly World, and everyone always enjoys, some even ask to be taken back on succeeding visits. I’ve also posted images from our visits to Butterfly World in the past, and I’ll continue to do so when we make other trips to the magical butterfly house and environs. If you find yourself in south Florida for more than a two day weekend of lounging at a beach side hotel, Butterfly World is a must do, but be sure to bring your camera or video camera with you.

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