Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Zaha Hadid: Part III

Cairo Expo (2009- ) Zaha Hadid *

The Cairo Expo City, construction begun in 2009, looks like an illustration from a 1950’s science fiction pulp magazine cover, or a Surreal painting by artist Yves Tanguy. The buildings appear to grow out of the earth’s bedrock as though carved by flowing water over eons, establishing a presence that is the opposite of many of Hadid’s designs which as I’ve said seem to inhabit a fluctuating time/space. It is understood that this geologic contiguity is related to the manner in which the Nile flows through the surrounding countryside. Never the less, as always the fantasy element is present.

Cairo Expo, Serpentine Walkways (2009- ) Zaha Hadid *

Cairo Expo, Interior View (2009- ) Zaha Hadid *

As part of the program carved arteries work through the serpentine structures dividing the complex into individual though related sections of clustered buildings for conference, exhibition, shopping, and office space. Flowing through the center, a main stream gathers curvilinear tributaries from each of the complex subdivisions. The two office towers (30 and 31 stories) are contained within the flowing structures, and relate to the entire program because of their elongated and extremely subtle curves and bulbous bases.

The entire set of structures is so contained by the organic water carved land metaphor as to seem a more permanent part of this land than are the great pyramids themselves. Thus, they are a piece of the incredibly long history of Egypt, and I hope their construction has not been interrupted by the current instability of the region.


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