Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Turtle Tracks

In June, before we left Juno for Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, we went to the beach one morning and found that a turtle had laid her eggs leaving fresh tracks behind. Someone had marked the spot with a stick so that the Loggerhead Marine Life people would be able to tag the spot. I took the photograph, one of 15 using different shutter speeds, f-stops and changing the spot on which I focused in order to make sure that at least one image was focused several feet out from the camera lens to infinity. It was fairly early in the morning, so the sun was low and reflecting off the water and shining directly into the camera lens, which often creates problems. Instead, the intensity if the light worked to enhance the tracks, and the shadow from the stick pointed out of the photograph toward the viewer.

The image reminds me that we have a responsibility to preserve the environment for the creatures of this earth.

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Betsy Grant said...

Indeed we do - including ourselves! Love the photo, and the evidence of the way you pay attention to the world around you.