Monday, November 15, 2010

Clouds and Ocean in South Florida

Ever since moving here in 2005 I’ve been fascinated by the magnificent skys above the marsh and seascape, especially the cumulus clouds that can turn dark and forbidding in an instant or gold, salmon and mauve with the setting sun. These clouds are as much a part of “The Waterworks” as is the clean clear water that supports so much life, sport, and fun in our state.

The day after we returned to Florida, we were on the beach, a beautiful sunny morning. We went swimming in the 82 degrees Fahrenheit water, walked on the beach, lay in the sun and hunted for exotic shells. As if God sent a rapid-fire cue to his angel stage crew, a band of dark cumulonimbus appeared over the water and began trailing from east to west. They spread across the sky, their shadows moving ominously across beach and sea, and my camera shutter click-clacked repeatedly before we packed up to leave the beach. The abrupt change, as in life, can just as quickly reverse itself here in south Florida.

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Betsy Grant said...

So fortunate that you were there to capture the images! I love your descriptive wording too...