Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Juno Beach is Shrinking

I took this photo when we got home last month. I like the pelicans flying over-head, and I like the spectacular sky. Unfortunately our beach has been shrinking by half every year for the past 5 years. I worry that global warming will take it away completely, or move it quite a bit inland. Our neighbors, unconvinced of global warming predict the beach will come back one of these years. I remain skeptical of that ever happening without something being done to stop CO2 emissions - perhaps a massive volcanic eruption would do the trick.

I have to learn to take two photos in a row. One focused on the horizon, and one focused on the foreground - then I could put the two together.  I've tried to achieve focus through the entire depth of field by using f22 and focusing at several points below the horizon, but it hasn't worked to my satisfaction.  Fortunately I work with pastels, graphite, and photo montage instead of being strictly a photographer.

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