Monday, November 2, 2009

Sun, Sand & Water

I still marvel at having digital technology at my fingertips!  I shoot photos constantly; thousands instead of a few hundred a year.  I lug the camera with me everywhere because I need photos for my morgue (picture file for drawing and other art uses), and because I never know when a magnificent image (lighting, composition, subject) will conspire to present itself.  However, there are so many pictures that they end up accumulating in files unseen and unloved for months at a time.  Several times I have discovered special images a year or two after they were taken. 

Sun shimmering off water gives me a special sparkle, and there are hundreds of these kind of photos in my file folders.  In this particular photograph I was looking north into the Delaware Bay from the inside of Cape Henlopen.  I shot it on September nineteenth of this year, a chilly premature fall day.  The water temperature was still in the upper 70’s, and a few folks were out in the crystalline sun; shelling, fishing, crabbing, just walking.  There were no clouds in an intense almost indigo sky, the kind of conditions that crystallize everything into a moment of rare purity. 

I hope I did the light and subject proud.  Sometimes it is difficult to know these things, because my own delight in the moment clouds reason.

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