Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Classy Kitty Photo

We named our perfectly white cat, Princess Anna, and this photograph of her proves she’s a royal kitty-cat. Secretly, she believes we kidnapped her, and that, even though she loves us, she’s slightly disdainful of our commoner household. I know that she’s plain old “Americanus Domesticanus,” but I also know that a pure white cat is not supposed to exist, unless, of course, as the myth goes, the white cat is deaf.

Well, she’s not!  Deafness is not a characteristic of yellow-eyed white cats.

Anna jumps and twitches at the slightest sound just like all cats do. She answers to her name, and she knows many words, like din-din, out and in. She is a total love, and wants to be handled all the time, and she would much rather chase the yarn ball I made for her than her electronic mouse because she doesn’t like the squeak it makes.

Sometimes I get lucky with the camera and take a magnificent photograph without trying.  It is my practice to plan photographic composition, light source, shutter speed, all the variables.  However, sometimes all the planning in the world does not a perfect photograph make (to use my Pennsylvania Dutch).  That is why I carry the camera with me everywhere, and shoot photographs constantly.  I know  that one in several hundred will be better than perfect by accident. This photograph of Princess Anna proves the point.

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Will said...

Lovely--and extremely feline on many levels.