Saturday, July 25, 2009

Big Government!

As an X-Republican, now Democrat, I am still amazed that the Republican Party has any moderates left. The most recent outrage is based on further reports as to the totality of the Federal Governments interference in the lives of our people. I refer to the report mandated by Congress last year, and released by 5 Inspector Generals 2 weeks ago that sketchily details the “unprecedented collection activities” authorized by George Bush the Second after the September 11, 2001attacks on the United States. * The exact activities are still classified, and so they continue even as I write. Nancy Pelosi’s statement that she was not informed as to the exact nature nor extent of the surveillance activities among other things is thus substantiated by that and further news that our X (thank goodness) VP ordered the CIA not to inform Congress about (h-m-m-m-m-m-m, what was it – we still haven’t been told). So, after all the hoopla, the people of the good old USA don’t know how extensive the look into our personal lives is.

Yes, Big Brother is watching over us all!

Supposedly the Republican Party stands for smaller, less intrusive government. Really? I’m concerned more that our current overwhelmingly Democrat based government continues to operate the same programs, and, we the people have no idea as to what and/or how extensive they are. Is it possible that Big Government is BIG no matter which party is in control? Do we need a 3rd party that actually aims to achieve smaller government in our democracy? I leave these 3 interesting questions to be debated by others, as I’m certain that these issues are part of the zeitgeist of early 21st century USA politics.

*Hess, Pamela, AP, “Report: Too few officials knew of Surveillance,” 10:01 EDT, Saturday, July 11, 2009. Comcast News,,

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