Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Republicans Attack Obama on Foreign Policy and Terrorism

We interrupt this art journal to interject a political comment.

The Republicans have tried to attack the President on domestic issues unsuccessfully, so now they are trying a new tactic. Boehner, McConnell,Cantor, Cheney, and others prophecy a new terror attack like the September 11, 2001 attack against the United States. They say that when such an attack takes place it will be President Obama’s fault.

How charming!

However, since the last Republican’s plan to stop terrorism was all hoax and blunders, offering a new plan to reduce the terrorist threat would be constructive. I give just such an ambitious plan below.

First, predicting such an attack by radical jihadists (or other terrorist brands) is not at all prescient, because it will happen whether under Obama or another president, Republican or Democratic. Second, the only way to prevent such an attack and/or other future attacks is to do some long term strategizing. At least five goals are necessary; 1) to diffuse international tensions where possible, 2) repair the world economy, 3) educate - actually use our vast communications network (motion picture, television, and musical arts) to do so, 4) provide help to build infrastructure and schools for countries where terrorists lurk (When we do good work, we need to announce it – propaganda works.), and 5) work toward the creation of an international anti-terrorist police force inclusive of all nations, races and religions. If the Republican Party should take this plan up, or create a useful plan of their own as a major initiative I might be able to take them seriously. Otherwise, this latest barrage of invective against the President is just so much (Bleep-Bleep!).

How to begin the recuperation of the Republican Party H-m-m-m-m-m!

I realize my plan is a bit “pie in the sky,” and thus too impractical for the narrow focus of Republican strategists. Never the less, my own experience in life tells me that an all out ambitious plan to confront adversity is usually necessary. If I were in charge of things in the Republican Party, I would actually consider proposing such a plan to the nation as part of a multifaceted approach to rehabilitating the party because that approach might actually begin to put the Republican Party on a recovery course.

Yes, Virginia, we do need the Republican Party.

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