Sunday, October 19, 2008

Yes to Colin Powell's endorsement of Senator Obama!

Once again I am doing national politics instead of Art. I refuse to apologize!

As I listened to Colin Powell this morning on Meet the Press I sighed with relief because he addressed all my fears about the possible outcome of this election including those I discss below.

It depends on which news service and / or pundit you are following at any given moment, however, it does appear that McCain is managing to chip away at Obama’s lead a fraction of a point at a time with each new diversion or divisive slur. Today’s new slur is that Barack is a European style socialist, which seemed absurd to me until I realized that not everyone was listening forty-seven years ago in my high school “American Democracy” class when our teacher held forth on the similarities and differences between communism and socialism. And, I realize that because of my all to human tendency to forget over time I would also be hard pressed to compare and contrast the two in detail today. Never the less, I will look them up and reacquaint myself with both terms instead of confusing them. I also know that not everyone of my fellow citizens has the perseverance or desire to do as I will. Thus, another fraction of a point in Obama’s advantage is chipped away. It’s sort of like Plymouth Rock, hewn away flake by flake over many generations until it is little more than a pebble imprisoned safely today in its Roman Doric Portico.

Part of my answer to the communism v. socialism question was found on YouTube in this very bizarre piece created by three exuberant college students as part of a class assignment in “American Government.”

A Question and an Answer

Thus, I have arrived at a question for Obama’s campaign. How does Obama defend Obama from such devious propaganda?

However, it would also appear that Colin Powell and my attempt to compare and contrast communism v. socialism have answered my question.

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