Friday, October 24, 2008

McCain, Driving Joe-the-Plumber & Other Lies Home!

There he goes again! Senator McCain is accusing Obama of spreading the wealth. And that's a bad thing? I can't believe that we middle class Americans are going for this ridiculous scheme of McCain’s that somehow Joe the (middle-class idiot) plumber, who earns but $40,000.00 a year will somehow be negatively affected by Obama’s tax plan to increase the taxes of the rich corporations who have so greatly contributed to the economic collapse that continues on it’s hyperbolic curve to oblivion even as I write.

Joe the working-class-plumber-being-fooled-by-Mr.-“Joe”-the-Rich-guy-McCain into thinking he’s better off with these super-rich-folk staying in charge even after causing the collapse of the world economy needs his head examined. And, so do any others of us who think we need to add another 4 years of a new Republican administration in Washington so perhaps even more of us can loose our homes and jobs. And, yes, I’m not working because I’m retired, so instead of worrying about loosing my job, I have to worry that my retirement fund will collapse due to these very same rich “BLEEPS!”

I’m on a rant here. I’m so tired of these (BLEEPING BLEEPS) thinking that they can lie to us, cheat, and screw the middle class “ad infinitum, ad nausium” and get away with it, that I could spit acid coated nails. I do have to admit that these BLEEPS are indeed a minority of the wealthier classes. However, these particular rich folk have to go.

Ah well, keep spewing those JOE-guy lies Senator McCain, and maybe, just maybe we'll actually all begin to figure out that your just making things up as you go along.

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LancXeon said...

Very well put, I just wrote an article about this here.

I understand the rich falling for this, as it helps them.. but when I see people that it would help fall for McCains crap it is overwhelming.. It drives me crazy that the American people may actually put another idiot in there.