Friday, July 25, 2008

Henlopen State Park Bike Trail

It seemed as though I stopped every few seconds to remove the camera from my backpack and shoot another section of pathway, or marsh, and I shot 183 photographs total. So, now I have amunition for at least 4 new pastel paintings. There must have been 100 or more people walking, jogging, and riding their bikes along the trail. The weather was perfect if a bit hot and muggy, crystal clear, like a hot day in the tropics complete with deep blue sky and puffy white cumulous floating gently over woods and marsh. The reflections of sky and cloud in the calm water stole the show for me, though the alternating layers of sun and shadow across the land and waterscape competed beautifully for second place. I don’t mind summer heat, so the day was perfect.

At the southern end of the path I came to a sign that pointed to Henlopen Cay, which I know is over by Gordon Pond in the area known locally as the North Shore. I thought that I might ride to the Cay, and so stopped at the entrance kiosk to read the map. Unfortunately there is no connection between Wolfe Neck, where I was riding and the Cay. Instead, I realized that I would have to ride into Rehoboth Beach itself, cross over to Rehoboth Avenue, take the new circle to Columbia Avenue, then to Surf, and ride north to Gordon’s Pond. People ride their bikes in heavy summer season traffic in Rehoboth Beach all the time, but I’m unwilling to take the chance because so many drivers today, but especially some of those on vacation, are competing in a demolition derby in which they use no common courtesy. They do not use turn signals where expected, and do use them where least expected, talk on cell phones, read road maps and magazines while attempting to drive, do not follow posted speed signs, and drive under the influence. In short, I refuse to become road kill. Instead, I will load the bike into the trunk of my Saturn and drive to Gordon’s Pond so that I can ride the Henlopen Cay trail on another beautiful day, something to look forward to.

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