Sunday, July 20, 2008

Green Cay in South Florida and Griping

So, it’s been an incredibly busy week, and I haven’t been shooting new photographs and working on the pastels as much as I’d like. The economy has me down, though so far I haven’t lost anything other than a large percentage off the value of my stock portfolio. I suppose I could be one of those poor slobs who got taken with an interest only loan and has lost or is now loosing his/her house and home.* It’s just that I have the nagging feeling that much worse is to come, and with some trepidation I am hoping it comes before Bush leaves office.

The busy week is partially my own fault as I retained my dentist in Lancaster, Pennsylvania when I retired. I’ve been back and forth 5 times since we got back to Rehoboth Beach from South Florida in May. I know I’m ridiculously foolish for doing it this way, but I spent 20 years of my life looking for a dentist I trusted, one who would not inflict horrible pain, and who would not invent work to do on my admittedly terribly soft teeth. So, this week was another trip to the dentist in Lancaster, where we also stayed with a dear friend overnight so we could weed and mulch her gardens – a dirty and sweaty job in 90 degree heat. I’m not complaining except that for thanks we were accused of messing up her plumbing with adult wet butt-wipes! Ah well, – and to think I could have been doing a pastel drawing at home.

“Such is life,” as the same friend would say. I still love her dearly, and we will visit. However, we won’t be imposing on her hospitality for an over night stay again if we can help it.

Today I will ride my bike through the Rehoboth Beach to Lewes bike path – part of Henlopen State Park - so I can get some more photographs of saltwater marshes, and perhaps some shaded walkways to draw and paint in pastel. Then, back to work on the 32” x 40” pastel of “The Perfect Day,” so called because the water at Juno Beach was purest turquoise and the sky was practically cloudless, the ocean like a big lake of electric blues lit from within one ideal day back in March of this year. I’ll post the drawing when I’m finished. Meanwhile, I’m posting this photograph of a water foul from my Green Cay photographs. I’ve written about Green Cay in the past. I wonder why we aren’t trying to diversify our urbanization in South Florida with more reclaimed wetland and natural areas like this one. Could it be that greed gets in the way?

“No, John? There’s no such thing going on in this culture,” his alter ego said facetiously.


*Actually I couldn’t have been one of those folks with one of those disastrous mortgages. I would not have been that desperate. Greed rears its ugly head once again in order to take advantage of people desperate to own their own home.

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