Thursday, March 27, 2008

New “Romance of the Tropics”

This one is number five, and I just finished it. The four previous “Romance of the Tropics,” numbers one to four are in a show at the Meyerhoefer Gallery in Lake Worth that opens tonight. The show is part of the Palm Beach Pride Fest celebration. Peter Meyerhoefer decided to use the works upon first seeing my portfolio two weeks ago. I’m putting forth all the positive thought I can summon because I know this is an extremely strong series of photomontages.

“Number Five” has thirty layers, and I’ve spent the past week working on it. Like the other works in the series, it was created using Adobe Photoshop. However, there are two new additions to this artwork, one a reoccurring element, the flying saucer located at the airport in Sussex County, Delaware, an image I captured with my old Sony camera four years ago. The other completely new element is a photograph I took at Butterfly World In Broward County, Florida last year. Removing these images from the surrounding original photograph is an extremely tedious process taking many hours to complete. Never the less, I really like the way the butterfly works in “Number Five,” so I will definitely use more of the butterflies in future photomontages.

As I write, Minnesota PBS is playing the Butterfly Lover’s Concerto by Chen Gang and He Zhanhao. I am taking this as an extremely good omen. Thus, there will be more than five images in "Romance of the Tropics."

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