Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Morning Shadows

I often enjoy a cup of coffee and a short walk outside early in the morning. The other day the sun was at the perfect angle to cast these palm tree shadows on one of the walls of a nearby building. I ran back to the condo and grabbed my camera so I could shoot some photographs from every conceivable angle before the light changed. I often shoot 40 to 100 frames of one subject looking for the perfect image. This picture, though it is also about perspective and the perfect blue of the early morning South Florida sky was the best. I’m so thankful I took the time to go back for the camera because it has been cloudy with showers and thunderstorms ever since. What with daylight savings time, and the changing angle of the sun as it progresses north toward the spring equinox and summer solstice the conditions probably won’t be exactly the same for another year if ever.

If I were a photographer instead of an artist concentrating on pastel, I might decide to mark the spot with chalk and go back one morning every week at the same time to the same spot, use the tripod and shoot the same location from the same angle for an entire year just to see how light, weather, and seasonal changes effect the images. I suppose I could do that anyway. Would that be the appropriate subject for a photography exhibit?

I’m not patenting that idea, so if an actual photographer happens upon this entry in the “cybervoid,” and you like it, you are welcome to use it. I like the idea because it refers to the original mid nineteenth century obsession of photographers with (scientific) classification, categorization and record keeping.

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