Thursday, October 4, 2007

October 2 through 4 – The Grand Canyon

I’ve got a heads-up for anyone visiting the Grand Canyon. Beware of the Yippee Yi Oh Steak House in Tusayan, the village just outside of the park. The steaks are greasy-grisly horrors, the baked potatoes are old and tough, the biscuit that is served with the meal is cold, and the service is terrible. You can get a better meal at Wendy’s down the street for one-third the price. In general, we found the area just outside the park to be an over priced tourist trap. If you can afford to stay at the pricy park lodges and cabins inside the park proper you are probably better off, though we had a just average meal at the Bright Angel Lodge last evening.

Having put the tourist trap part of the park down, it is necessary to move on to the magnificent canyon itself, and the marvelous park service that takes care of it. The canyon is indeed remarkable, and no matter how hard I tried to create an honest impression of the canyon’s grandeur, size, and beauty with the camera, I did not succeed. Standing physically in that space can not possibly be duplicated. Part of that is because one is standing in the presence of God.

It rained this morning with rolling thunder, and sheets of rain. We got soaking wet. The sun came out after noon, and I took 200 photographs of the canyon as the storms moved over and beyond. Sunlight shown through the clouds, and rain made hoary transparent layers between buttes, crags, and valleys. We took the free park shuttle south all the way to Hermits point, and we were dry by 2:00 P.M.. I’ve included some of those pictures below.

Tomorrow we start back on the return trip to Rehoboth Beach.

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