Thursday, October 11, 2007

Back in Delaware

It rained hard in every desert we drove to, and it wasn’t the rainy season, or monsoon as they call it out West. And, we brought the rain back to "The First State with us - three inches of rain in two days.

Is the drought over? I doubt it, but my garden and lawn look a lot happier than they did when we arrived home.

We had an absolutely wonderful trip, but we are so happy to be back in Rehoboth Beach – and, we are both tired of driving, driving, driving. Joe and I talked about going back to New Mexico and/or Arizona again, but we agreed that we would take shorter trips - fly to Albuquerque, or Tucson, rent a car, and drive from there.

In order to take some of the tedium out of driving such long distances (6500 miles total), we kept a record of the bizarre names people have given to their communities, streets, and homes. A partial list follows.

1. Dismal Hollow Road, VA
2. Hungry Mother State Park, VA
3. Massanutten State Park, Harrisonburg, VA
4. Bucksnort, TN
5. Toad Suck Park, AR
6. Little Skin Bayou, OK
7. Big Skin Bayou, OK
8. Lotawatah Road, Lake Eufaulia, OK
9. Deaf Smith County, TX
10. Of course there is Truth or Consequences, NM
11. Budville, NM – was surrounded by Indian and Spanish named towns.

So, on that note, I’m signing off on the trip out West. The next entry will be about art, Art or my art.

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