Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Experimental Abstract Landscape Almost Finished

Landscape, third stage

It must be a testament to how busy my life is. I forgot to post these images on my journal though I had put them up on Facebook. Not to complain, busy is good!

Landscape, forth stage

I’m giving away a secret. Technology has helped in this process tremendously (bigly). If I had decided to work this way before digital photography and modern laptop computers were invented, say 1979, I would have had to purposefully set my 35 mm camera lens to be totally out of focus, shot a roll of film, taken that film to the drugstore, waited a week for the photos to come back before I could sort through them, and then the images still might not have had the color and abstract quality I would have been looking for. Instead, today I am able to shoot in focus photos with my digital camera, load the images into my trusty laptop, and manipulate them in Adobe Photoshop in a number of combined pemutations until I obtain something approaching the images I see in my mind’s eye.

I am satisfied with the way the painting is working. I need to deepen some areas in the shadows with more layers of transparent color, and at the very last I will need to add some off white, to white opaque paint patches to indicate the sparkle of sunlight shinning off of and through foliage. I may adjust the major zigzagging horizontal / oblique division of space here and there just so it is more definitely 1/3 to 2/3.

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