Thursday, January 1, 2015

Madonna 10 days ago

The Christmas and New Year holidays have gotten in the way of completion. I have accomplished more work in the past week-and-one-half, but it feel like slow motion. Upon first glance the painting appears to be less complex than the other portraits.  However, I’ve already mixed 10 more colors in bottles, and at least 5 more on the palette. That means I will be remixing those 5 many times and making many more. I’ve also encountered several mistakes in draftsmanship and had to adjust as I work with the paint. I worked for 5 hours today and finished Madonna’s right eye. So, tomorrow I will pick out some large less complicated areas to paint so that I can feel more accomplished. And, all this is foundation. I must work colors back and forth across the mapped lines in order to finish the painting.

I just read over this entry and thought, "oh my!"

Never the less, I will finish the painting within the next two weeks, and I know I will be pleased in the end!

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