Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Meryl Streep: Row 1, Column A

Finally, the first of six panels is done, all but the final fixes, and I will wait until I have more panels finished to do the final corrections. This panel is the upper left hand corner of the five-by-seven-and- one-half foot portrait, and is 30 inches square  The painting's color is more intense than the color in the computer version (2" by 2") that I made over a month ago. However, I like the more intense painted version best because the sections of paint contrast, that is retreat and come forward better than in the small computer version.

I took this photo of the panel in the studio with my iPhone, and much of the painterly quality is missing. For the good photographs of the image, I will carry the panel outdoors, and shoot in full midday sunlight with my Sony 10 megapixel camera in order to capture the color at its best. I know the thickness of the paint will show up better if I shoot that way as well.

I had hoped to have the panel done way back in mid August, but volunteer work, doctor’s appointments and other personal issues interfered. Now that the first panel is finished, I hope I will be able to pick up the pace with little or no future encumbrance.

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