Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Six Years of January Graphics:

At The Art of John Bittinger Klomp

I continue to create a series of entries each month that look at some of the photos, montages, illustrations, mixed media paintings and other graphic images created for this Blog.

As I reviewed the past six years I was surprised by the variety in the type of January graphic images. First, in 2008, I was complaining about the size of our gas guzzling cars as the economy imploded, and took the auto industry with it. In 2009 I discussed how spirituality affected my artwork, and invented this image to represent my idea that God is located beneath that which makes us who we are, and all around us at the same time. During our 2010 Christmas visit with Joe’s sister in the Florida Panhandle, we discovered giant footprints in an old macadam road surface at the park and I invented the Mari Yeti from Marianna. 2011 marked my disgusted and prolonged (to the current moment) reaction about the January 2010 Supreme Court “Citizen’s United” decision, a pronouncement that allowed giant corporation’s wealth to function in the market of public opinion as though it were created by an actual single individual human being instead of a Machiavellian machine designed to make money. Increasingly, both sides of the political spectrum are becoming more and more interested in taking down the functionality of social security, a program that is completely solvent (if Congress doesn’t mess with it) for another 40 years! I voiced my displeasure with that trend in 2012 with “DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH MY SOCIAL SECURITY!” Finally, “FAG,” my entry from 2013 marked the creation of the LGBT Pictionary, a compendium of terms based in the history of Marginalized sexualities.

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