Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Presents

Joe’s Brown Craft Paper Christmas Packages

These packages aren't my art, but they are definitely craft art. Besides, it is Christmas, and I'm allowed to brag about my husband. If I told you that Joe, the expert package wrapper is doing our Christmas presents in craft paper you would probably think to yourself –

“Ugh, what is he thinking?”

Think again. These packages are sophisticated, and they show off the Christmas colors of the ribbons and other decorations beautifully. He has outdone all those self-help TV shows in which the ladies, and sometimes as well, gay men demonstrate their decorating ideas. That burst of brown and red on the top of the next package explodes like a Christmas fire cracker at the top of the wrapped bottle of 15-year-old scotch. Joe’s packages demonstrate once again the power of the “gay gene” when it comes to matters decorative.

As an artist, I of course have to put my two cents in. So, I'm adding some other possibilities - using cut fresh veggies like carrots, squash and potatoes with printing inks - to add patterns to the brown craft paper. Interestingly, the subtlety of these packages serves as a pleasant uplifting support placed round the bottom of the Christmas tree.

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