Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Leonard DeCaprio as Gatsby: Part VII

Another in a series of blog entries in which I discuss the process I am using to create an oversized portrait.  

C2R2 finished

I should say it is almost finished. This square is the fourth square I worked on from the 5’ x 7 & ½ foot painting of Gatsby.I will post two images of C2R2. The first was taken on September 16th, and the second yesterday. Note the changes. The changes are subtle, mostly in the hue and value of colors.

These are due to looking at this square in relation to the surrounding squares above and to the left. I haven’t been able to compare it to C2R3 yet because that square isn’t far enough along to make the comparison.
1. Most of the hues have been adjusted to be greener and/or more orange.

2. The color transitions have been made smoother.

3. I had to change alignment around the edges so that the panel would line-up with the surrounding panels.

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Betsy Grant said...

It's amazing how much color goes into the painting of a face! It reminds me of how much we don't see in life - meaning that which is not obvious. Nice work John.