Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Our Wedding Celebration-Characters Pub, Lancaster, PA

 Part I:  Wedding Cake and linens

Time out from the ART - I must do a series of entries about our various wedding celebrations.  I've already done one about the New York wedding itself.  Several more to come about Rehoboth Beach, DE, and Lancaster, PA celebrations!

Once again, a reminder - the Lancaster party was held at Characters Restaurant, created by Chef/owner Meghan Young (our goddaughter), and her partner Jose Fuentes.  However, this entry is about our linens and the wedding cake.  The linens were beautiful!  Claudia Himes' of Special Occasions created these beautiful tables with her linens.  Look at that wedding cake table with the gorgeous white roses.  Jane Hull-Young and her daughter (also our goddaughter) Millie created the flower arrangements.  Just have to give them a shout out!  The lemon curd cake was to die for.  Yum!

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