Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Sunrise Pelicans

Another photo from my April 16th sunrise photo shoot. I shot about 30 frames of these guys flying about. This is the best one. I wish I could beam all my friends onto the beach with me during one of these sunrise photo shoots!

When it’s over, when I stop shooting, it’s like waking from a dream. I turn to my right and see the yellow flag marking the spot where a turtle has laid her eggs. A senior citizen on her morning walk looks at me a smile on her face, and nodes. A couple walk by hand in hand the surf lapping gently at their feet as the rising sun gains enough strength to feel warm on my face. Regretfully I stand, brush the sand from my legs, and begin the trek up hill to the top of the beach. On the way I pick up a couple of tin cans and plastic cups in order to throw them away in the trashcan next to the beach entrance.

Incredible Cello Duo from Croatia

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RCWRTR said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your art.