Wednesday, December 8, 2010

End Export of USA Jobs Overseas this Christmas 2010!

I apologize for this entry because, once again, it is not an “Art” entry. Never the less, I’ve done my own artwork as always. It is imperative that the middle class does everything we can do to bring jobs back to this country because our president, government and politicians in general aren't fighting for us. This entry describes my personal attempt to achieve that goal.

“Good idea,” you say. “But how do I do that?”

There are Websites dedicated to products made in the United States. Just “Google” “made in America,” and/or “made in the USA, and you will turn up a list of those Websites. I’ve been doing most of my Christmas shopping on “made in the USA web pages." It is hard to find some products, because so much of our manufacturing has been shipped overseas. For instance, I could find but two manufacturers of sheets! I ended up buying two sets of sheets from Mayfield on “” because all Mayfield sheets are made in our country. Now that I’ve done my shopping I’ve begun a list of products and companies still manufacturing in the USA. For instance, Calphalon makes all its aluminum pots and pans in Toledo, Ohio, though they don’t make a point of that fact (THEY SHOULD!). Once I have built my list, I can use it to shop in the actual world physically. I found that many of these products do cost a bit more than products made in China. However, the United States has strict regulations on production. Thus, the products made in our country are less likely to contain lead, mercury, and other toxic chemicals dangerous to your health and the health of family members.

So – if everyone with a computer does his/her Christmas shopping at these Websites, it will be a start in trying to convince our foolish corporations to bring jobs back to the United States. I plan to continue shopping ALL United States ALL year long whenever possible. I will also contact each company that I use to let them know why I am buying their products. I’m toying with the idea of starting an interactive blog dedicated to buying products made in the USA. Is there anyone interested in joining such an enterprise?

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