Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chief Justice John Roberts' Supreme Court Deals the Death Blow to Free Speech in the American Political Process!


The Hell with the Death of Postmodernism! What about the death of Joe the Plumber?

*The artwork above was created by the hypothetical ghost of Joe the Plumber. The actual Joe is alive and well.

• The day before yesterday the Supreme Court handed corporations the right to outspend all of us put together when expressing their First Amendment Rights - reads advertising, publications, posters, bill boards,television, TV commercials, Internet blogs, videos, CD’s, motion pictures, phone banks, communications of all kinds and in all media both known and unknown – in the American political process.

• The future is clear, and there is no point for a private citizen of the United States to have political interests in his or her well-being or the well-being of the country. The simple truth is that the nations' Supreme Court confiscated any control Joe the plumber might have had in America’s political process yesterday. Instead, it handed over that process to the corporations of America and the world, because these entities (created solely to make money) are considered equal to, no superior to the merely human citizens of the United States.

• In truth, no matter how wealthy a human citizen or group of citizens might be, he/she/we cannot begin to match the most infinitesimal portion of corporate wealth. Thus, the right to free speech for human beings was crushed beneath the total weight and wealth of corporate America on January 21, 2010.

• This most conservative of Supreme Courts under Chief Justice John Roberts has turned us backward to the 19th century, and stolen the average citizen’s right to participate in the political process of the democracy. The United States of America is now the Corporate Oligarchy of America.

• Most amazingly, Chief Justice Roberts' Supreme Court has handed multi-national corporations the ability to control our political process. Al Qaeda or any brand of terrorist organization just has to infiltrate a multi-national corporation and they too can have instant access to our political process. God protect us from our own Supreme Court!

The demon citizen who took control over this Art Journal will be exorcised, for he will be like a ghost, a spectral being whose performance upon the American stage, like that of all his fellows will be naught. Like a night-mist suspended over dark waters, a cold wind blows and he will be dissolved.

And, we shall return to the concerns of Art.


Will said...

Two major political blows - the Scott Brown election - and the Supremes handing us over to control by Big Corporate America.

I lived in Massachusetts from 1962, when I entered Boston University Theater School, until 2007 when I moved north to southern New Hampshire to finally live full time with my husband.

In those decades, I grew used to the sometimes loony, often inspired (for a liberal) politics in Massachusetts. The craziness included the voters stocking the two houses of the legislature with Democratic pluralities while electing a Republican governor (Wiliam Weld, Mitt Romney) and the state senator who was re-elected to his seat from the jail cell in which he was incarcerated for embezzling his constituents' money. Then there's Gay Marriage - Massachusetts could make miracles.

The Supreme court ruling is an Ultra-Right wet dream. And horrifying.

Dr. John Bittinger Klomp said...

Agreed! Now, how do we go about changing this mess? Is there any way of doing so short of revolution?