Saturday, February 7, 2009

Obama Cabinet Scandals expose his moral failure and the Economic Rescue Package as Democrats Spending Money

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Let’s be clear – this is a Democratic liberal artist’s rant

So Hannity on Fox, Rush Limbaugh, and other super conservative Republicans, as well as Republican House Minority leader John Boehner, Christopher Bond(R _MO), David Camp (R-MI, Richard Shelby (R-AL), and Eric Cantor (R-VA) would have us believe – that absurd headline I've posted as my title above (See Hannity on Fox, February 2, 2009) while wishing OUT LOUD for the FAILURE OF OUR PRESIDENT AND GOVERNMENT, which would if, God forbid it should happen, spell disaster for the American people. By also labeling the Economic Recovery plan a “spending plan,” these folks are winning the fight against President Obama, in national opinion polls because Americans want tax cuts, more tax cuts, and nothing else! They’re calling it pork! And, in a bipartisan effort to cut PORK, a moderate group of Senators (trying to appease the Republican Juggernaut wants to cut billions from Education, where, according to Governor Ed Rendell (D-PA) he will have to cut 4000 state employees, all teachers and police if these idiots get there way. In what way does that help a failing economy? These folks even have the guts to say that they want Obama to do something other than court them at lunch and go on the news!

Okay, I say President Obama and the Democratic Congress and Senate should sit back and let the Republicans have their way.

The Recovery Plan should be cancelled.

There should be no new -spending on anything! No rescue of the healthcare system - No rescue of inner city schools – No money for infrastructure, that means no money for all those failing bridges and railroads and no new jobs – No money for the poor! No money for the Arts (After-all, what do we need them for?) - No more money for failing banks (Now that one I can agree with.) – No money for bad mortgages. No money to keep families in their homes. Instead, let’s do the tired old Republican Regan replay, lower the capital gains tax for those suffering rich folk, and cut taxes for big business. While we’re at it let’s provide tons of tax cuts for the big oil companies who helped get us here in the first place (Drill baby Drill!). Then, let’s sit back and watch the country IMPLODE. Perhaps after total disaster the super conservative pundits, Republican leaders and our unfortunately duped (once again) citizenry would shut up and ask for an actual Economic Recovery plan. No, actually they’d figure out a way to blame liberals. This too would be an Obama administration moral failure. And, I guess it would be if you guys don’t mobilize from the grass roots up just like last year. And do it yesterday!

God save us from our national stupidity! Most economists agree with the President that this stimulus package is necessary, even though they will be the first to admit that this Second Great Depression is different from the first, and they don’t entirely understand it, and / or know how to fix it.

Actually, at least to start with, I want a New Deal style rescue plan! And I want the President to tell the world that this package is only the beginning of what will have to be done to rescue this failed global economy. Only, please, please include funds for new alternative energy and green start-up businesses. I want tons of money for infrastructure and mass transit(translates to JOBS). And, I do want money for the Arts. As I’ve said, the Arts not only record history, they drive it through individual statements of conscience and imaginative ideas. Once a New “New Deal” is in place and working the conservative Republicans can nibble away at it just as they nibbled at FDR’s New Deal, piece by piece over a twenty year period until its all gone. By then we will have long been out of harms way.

So (me, the crazy old artist) - I’m not asking - I’m telling! I’m now very angry at these strutting and posing Republicans and you should also be angry, President Obama! You won the election! Stop appointing Republicans to do the things Democrats should be doing. Cut the nonpartisan stuff because the Republicans are running rough shod over you. I want that Democratic Party Jackass to get a back bone, to stand up on its hind legs, and do what must be done to save this failed economy!

Postscript, February 11, 2009

I turned to FOX (Sean Hannity) during the commercial break on CNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show earlier tonight. Mistake? No. It was a good thing to hear the faulty logic. "Actually", and I’m paraphrasing here – “the Stimulus package is all pork except for the tax cuts.” Oh yes, praise for the 400-dollar tax cut I’m entitled to! Listen Sean, if I’ve lost my job, and / or the bank is foreclosing on my mortgage, 400 dollars, even 1000 dollars doesn’t help me one bit! Oh, and by the way, you’re description of the Stimulus as pork is self-fulfilling, since it was the Republican Senators who (don’t ask me how) got a huge chunk of aid to the states removed, aid that would have kept teachers, police, and firemen at the state level from losing their jobs. Oh, yes, I forgot those jobs aren’t real. Only jobs in the private sector are real jobs. Brain fart – who writes this stuff for you guys?

So, now that the not so real jobs are removed, you could claim that all the repair and updating of infrastructure is pork, I suppose, if it didn’t take (REAL) American workers to do all that repair and updating. You know what? Your logic is so circular as to be obsessive-compulsive illogical claptrap! So, why am I dealing with it? Over and out!

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