Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Evening, Beach and Shells

My partner and I were walking on our devastated Juno Beach the other evening just before sunset. The beach is almost gone and the sand drops as much as 9 feet from the Sea Grape covered dune behind the beach. I’m assured by almost everyone here that it is normal - the beach disappears and reappears on a regular basis. However, the same folks also inform me that the beach here has to be replenished on a regular basis. Thus, it reappears because we (mankind) make it so.

In any event, I took a couple of photographs of the missing beach and sand cliff at dunes edge in disgust, then began looking for other subject matter. I glanced down at an itchy toe, scratched and noticed the shadows and gradations of light on the shells, sand, and footprints around me and had one of those moments.

Ah- ha!

Republicans Balk at rescuing U. S. automakers

I have a suggestion - I left the Republican Party back in the late 1980's because of the increasing hate turned against LGBT people. Now, it's time for those to leave the Party who are concerned with the total collapse of the U.S. and World economies due to parsimonious Southern Republicans unable to see past the danger to the foreign automakers in their own states.

What, and you folks don’t think that the foreign automakers are in trouble when Americans stop buying cars?

Merry Christmas to you too Scrooge!

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