Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bonnet House

We had family visit us during the Thanksgiving Holiday. In the past we have always done the visiting, so this was a nice change. I knew that our family likes to explore, and we have pretty well explored the immediate environs of North Palm Beach County in the past, so I went on line and googled both Broward and Palm Beach Counties, discovering Bonnet house in the process. Briefly, it was built from 1920 to 1925 by Frederic Clay Bartlett for his wife Helen Birch, and was used as a vacation home by his second wife, Evelyn Fortune Bartlett until 1995. It is the only 35-acre site of preserved natural habitat in all of Fort Lauderdale Beach. The house is at once pleasant, a bit dowdy and un-stuffy, but quirky small mansion / vacation home in the Moorish style. We had a fabulous time exploring the place and will definitely return. It was some find, and I will write more a bout it in my next entry.

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