Friday, June 20, 2008

If I Were Twenty Something Again…

I took this photograph last year on an extremely windy and warm spring day at Jupiter Beach, Florida. There were at least 50 guys out in the water kite surfing. My reaction was joyous upon seeing them swoop through the air, sometimes one-hundred-and-fifty feet, before landing, and crashing through the waves. My heart literally leapt into my throat watching these young men perform. The act of leaping up into the air, sometimes doing flips, and flying above the water using one of those contraptions must include ecstatic moments among the almost constant exhilaration, coupled with seconds of gut wrenching fear. In fact, one beach photographer whose elaborate camera and lens set-up was buzzing and whirring as he took photo after photo told us that “sometimes these flying kite-men are seriously injured when they are carried by the wind off the water, into the beach and surrounding buildings. At the time I just thought to myself, if I were twenty something, I’d do it. Danger be damned!

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