Thursday, May 1, 2008

Company and Gallery Mailings

Visitors, especially family can be a full time occupation, one that I don’t mind for a few days at a time with a suitable space between. However, when the family is “Southern,” as in Southern United States, they tend to stay for prolonged periods of time, sometimes weeks. Such is the case currently. I have had limited time to work during April, and have finished but one over-sized pastel drawing. To be sure I am pleased with the drawing, but I should be producing at least two of these a month, plus one or two smaller works and/or one to two photomontages as well. I did finish one photomontage, update all my production files, and put together a new package to mail to galleries, and sent out 5 of these with return mailers (SASE). The package includes artists bio and statement, pamphlet with images of my work, business card, burned CD with images of both pastels and photomontages, PowerPoint presentations of both types of work, my bio, and artist statements, as well as images of past announcements, posters, and news articles. Each package includes a separate letter based on an exploration of the area and specific gallery to which I am sending the materials. So, now that I look at it, I’ve not done poorly under the circumstances, and I do love the folks that are visiting. So perhaps I should stop complaining and just enjoy the company.

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